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SFEPOC(Struugle For Eternal Peace Organization of Cyprus)

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

SFEPOC(Struugle For Eternal Peace Organization of Cyprus)

Postby insan » Sat Aug 09, 2003 6:36 pm

Noone will be able to see the essentials of Cyprus problem by gazing superficially. What we've learnt by all past tragedies of Cyprus is:

1- A few thousand extremists and fanatics who had been supported and armed by some self-seekers from inside and outside of Cyprus; had abused the majority of Cypriots and caused all those catastrophe. Those extremists and fanatics never has had a nationality. They have been living in all around the world. Their biggest dream is to make the whole world as their avariceland. They neither have a nationality nor you can name them as human beings. Their god is money, bullet is horror, method is hypocrisy and conspiracy.

2- All Cypriots have to join if they really want to solve the Cyprus Problem. Goodwillingness and intelligence will guide us to find the perfect solution to Cyprus problem.

3- Only the extremists and fanatics are our enemies. We bravely have to struggle against them. Knowledge,love, braveness, honesty, intelligence,loyalty and solidarity must always have been our peace keeping forces.

SFEPOC(Struugle For Eternal Peace Organization of Cyprus)

The extremists(inside or outside, multi national) will have never dared to do the same terrorist actions in a Federative or Unitary State of Cyprus that will have been an EU member. Almost impossible... But suppose some of them will have dared to attemt some terrorist actions. There'll have been no chance for them to be alive in Cyprus... We are not in 50's or 60's, 70's. We are in 21st century. In todays defense technology, there's no place for terrorists to hide themselves on this small Island...

New architecture for the Cyprus issue proposed by American colonel

2003-07-02“The Annan plan does not deal adequately with security issues"
An American veteran colonel supported that the building of a security architecture, which would be put into practice before or after the settlement of the Cyprus issue for as long as it would be necessary, was essential. And this architecture was not the Annan plan.

In his intervention at a conference in Constantinople, Stephen Norton, member of the Western Policy Center in Washington, stated that new security architecture should be based on unity of command, unity of effort and the elimination of any offensive capabilities. According to Mr. Norton, the basic components should be:
- Eliminating current Cypriot forces on both sides.
- Maintaining an equal-size brigade from Greece and Turkey.
- Replacement of UN forces with NATO/EU forces and assigning a NATO commander.
- All forces, including Greek and Turkish contingents, should be under the command of NATO.
- Existence of a common mission: to provide security for all of Cyprus and all Cypriots.
According to Mr. Norton, this architecture would enhance Turkey’s image in EU and USA, would promote its accession to EU and would strengthen its bilateral relations with Greece. He criticised the Annan plan regarding its security provisions, which were not satisfactory in his opinion.

In a few months time they will be arrived, no doubt...


Only the ignorants let themselves to being divided and ruled by the others.

Once hatred had aroused or had being created by ignorants those who had been thought killing those they hated is the best solution for their aim. Then you can't stop other ignorants acting just as same as the former ignorants. This doesn't identifiy the nations... This attitude only can show how much ignorants live in a country.

Those ignorants have just the same attitude to their compatriots or friends, because they are ignorants... Brainless, who only able to act in direction of prejudices and their physical strength...

And believe me there are so many graduate degree ignorants and I suppose they are more than lower graduate degree of ignorants.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge+love= PEACE

No evil-minded will ever be able to have been winning against the brains full of knowledge and the hearts full of love.

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Re: SFEPOC(Struugle For Eternal Peace Organization of Cyprus

Postby Cyprus_lady » Fri Nov 28, 2003 6:10 pm

2- All Cypriots have to join if they really want to solve the Cyprus Problem. Goodwillingness and intelligence will guide us to find the perfect solution to Cyprus problem.

Dear Friend,

Do you know about peace? Generally Cypriot Young People wants to solve this problem. They dont war and bad future. They want new and good future.

Yours Sincerely.
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Postby Hristos » Fri Nov 28, 2003 6:31 pm

Cyprus must unite and get rid of the British.

Turks will be not be a minority, they will be one of the official ethnic groups.
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Postby Noname75 » Fri Nov 28, 2003 10:56 pm

"Eternal Peace" is what we all want, althought in the case of our island with so many wars and invaders in our history it sounds very optimistic.

What is this organization about? Does it have some more specific plans, or just general "we want peace" statements?

By the way, I agree that a security architecture should be in place but why NATO? Cyprus is not in NATO but we will be in the EU. So why not just EU army?

I think that colonel cared about American interests in the area and not about Cypriot interests.
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Postby eracles » Sat Nov 29, 2003 12:33 pm

Noname75 wrote:I think that colonel cared about American interests in the area and not about Cypriot interests.

It certainly sounds like it. And this is what the Guarantor powers and America have always done. Cypriots don't matter a jolt as long as they get the peice of the pie they want.
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