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Broadband in Cyprus, help!

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Broadband in Cyprus, help!

Postby Zelda » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:51 pm

Hello, I have plans to move to Larnaca or Paphos soon. I will stay for ~6 months or longer.
I work on the Internet nearly all day and need a good broadband-connection.

I need some pretty cheap broadband-connection, around €40/month or so. I looked at 3G broadband but since there was a cap at 820 MB for €35 and it wont work, that is way too expensive as I would use 850 MB in 3 days or so. What would be a good solution for me?
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Re: Broadband in Cyprus, help!

Postby Sotos » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:21 pm

If 3G is not good enough for you then you will have to go with either ADSL or Cable. Primitel and Cablenet require 12 month contracts and they are not available in many locations (particularly Cablenet). That leaves you with CYTA. if €40 includes the telephone line rental then you will not get much since you need €16 for the phone line and that leaves you with just just €24 for the internet. You will need a about €20 for 1M and about €26 for 2M. If €40 does not include the phone line then for about €44 you can get 4M. If you can get around the yearly contract thing then cablenet is your best option since you can get 10M including the phone line for about €40. CYTA would be the easiest and faster to install assuming the place you will live already has a phone line.
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