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Yet another plan ^_^

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Yet another plan ^_^

Postby Chrisswirl » Sat Aug 27, 2005 1:22 pm

What do you think of these proposals? They're not radically different to the Annan plan but I just wrote them as I went.

== Statehood

I don't beleive that the Turkish Cypriots would want to join the current RoC, as a result of the past. Thus, the New Cyprus Republic should be formed. 5 years later, the name should either change to the United Republic of Cyprus or the Republic of Cyprus.

The flag should remain as it is, designed by a Turkish Cypriot, unless the Turkish Cypriots object to this. Each state should then have its own flag, which can incorporate elements of Turkish or Greek flags if wished.

The national anthem will be changed and agreed upon by both sides; it should either contain both Greek and Turkish or have two different versions with the same tune.

== Territory

The territory returned to the Greek Cypriots will be the same as in the Annan plan except with the addition of the Karpasia peninsular (the areas marked in the old Annan plan). The timeline will remain the same as in the Annan plan, with Karpasia becoming part of the Greek State within 2 years. This will be guaranteed for the peace of mind of Greeks.

== Property and place of living

I have thought about this long and hard, and although I don't beleive that many Greek Cypriots will want to move back to the areas not given back to the Greeks in Cyprus, except maybe a few villages around Kyrenia, I can understand that the Turkish Cypriots want guarantees on this, which would also safeguard the Greek zone. As such, I propose that, unless an elected committee of both sides agrees later on, the limit of residence should be placed at 18%, the reduced number as agreed in the latest Annan plan, with the exception of Turkish villages that were in the north, now entering the Greek state, and Bellapais or another village near Kyrenia for the Greeks (remaining under Turkish State control). All Turks living in the south currently can stay under this proposal. Compensation will be handed out as required to those who cannot move home or for those who are required to move.

== Education

There should be at least some form of Greek education in Turkish schools, and Turkish education in Greek schools; this would be taught along side English until the age of 13 when it would be become optional to the student but must be offered. Both states will run their own schools, as well as an agreed number of schools in the other side (this number will be between a ratio of 1:1 and 2:3 Turkish schools in the Greek zone to Greek schools in the Turkish zone).

== Money

The Cyprus Pound should be used until Cyprus joins the Euro. The Cypriot (Greek and Turkish) government would have the power to keep the Cyprus Pound for longer if it wishes on a 50/50 Greek/Turkish vote. The Turkish Lira will be legal tender in the Turkish State for an interim period and will be exchangable at banks everywhere for Cyprus Pounds.

== Settlers issue

All settler children born in Cyprus over the age of 6 and their parents can stay and become citizens of the New Cyprus Republic (I thought this would be a good compromise but this can be discussed if not acceptable by Turkish Cypriots).

== Military

All conscription will end. The UN will set up a permanent peacekeeping force. Turkish and Greek troops can stay in limited numbers until it is felt by both sides that they feel safe and are no longer needed.

== Preisidency and running of government

There should be two independant state government, the Greek Cyprus State Government and the Turkish Cyprus State Government, who both send representatives to the Cyprus State Government (which will be 50:50) to sort out federal matters. All other matters that don't affect the other side or any fundamental laws can be sorted out in the component states. The Greek Cypriots will elect the President of the Greek Cyprus State and the Turkish Cypriots will elect the President of the Turkish Cyprus State.

The Presidency / Vice Presidency of the Cyprus State Government will then rotate; when they are in these roles the objective of the person is to have the interests of the country in mind, rather than their individual state. However, the president will have limited powers and no powers over the other state's governance, only in federal matters. Basically the president of the Cyprus State Government would be a figurehead.
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Postby Agios Amvrosios » Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:15 am

Are you sure that this plan is for a "united" Cyprus.

It is not appropriate to describe this plan as a Unification plan since you are talking about a weak Federal government where the president is just a figure head?

I agree with what you are saying about the "Turkish Cypriots not being interested to joining the RoC" , but I do not accept the alleged reasons behind this reluctance to join. They want ethnically cleansed territory which does not belong to them.
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