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Good English-Cypriot guy looking for lady/relationship

Looking for friends? For a boyfriend/girlfriend? Lover? Pen-pal?

Good English-Cypriot guy looking for lady/relationship

Postby kingsaxon » Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:02 pm

Good-looking English Cypriot man. Good upbringing, good family, good education. I have manners, and I am a gentleman. I am moving to Limassol Cyprus in the next two months (January 2012)

There is too much goodness to be had in life to not play games. I have sadly been victim of ladies (ok, so we can all find some issue to blame within ourselves), who want it all and promise the world and then jump ship. In other words wham-bam-thank-you-man. They had nothing to run from other than the fact I was being nice, a gentleman and going out and doing nice things. Apparently then, its must be true, ladies want terrible men who only think about themselves and football (I hate football by the way). Its not pleasant to be in that position.

Is there really a nice genuine lady out there somewhere? Someone honest who doesn't freak out with the word 'commitment'. Its not such a big word. It is not a prison-sentence. Its simply two people who get along, who want see its good to be with each other so why throw a good thing away. For me life is this simple but alot of people are terrible at making it so complicated and bestowing their curse upon us other poor souls. I obviously meet the wrong ladies. So help me out here.

So, fancy a chat? Get to know me.Tell me how corny my ad was? See how we get along? Message me.

( my Greek is basic, but its improving daily). Thanks. Hope to hear from you.
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