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CY, EU and the Turkish Propaganda

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

CY, EU and the Turkish Propaganda

Postby kimon07 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:37 pm

Turkish and Turkish Cypriot forumers, keep repeating the big Turkish lie that Cy was admitted to the EU without deserving it, just because Greece blackmailed the EU that it would veto further expansion with other countries, if CY was not admitted.

Let's see how things really developed.

In 2002 the EU concluded that Cyrus had achieved all the criteria for its admission to the Union. Actually CY’s economy was much better off than even France, Italy and certainly Greece Spain, Portugal and others.

However, bending to pressure and demands by the US, the UK and Turkey, EU decided that for Cyprus to be admitted, the two communities should first accept a solution which would be presented to them.

To this purpose, the Annan Plan II was prepared in a hurry and submitted to all parties concerned in November 2002, in order to be ready for signature when the EU summit of December 2002 would take place.

During the EU summit (12 December 2002), the following procedure was to be followed, according to the agenda related to the admission of Cyprus and the granting of a date for the commencement of admission negotiations with the “Asian Bully”.

1. The two communities of Cyprus would sign the Annan Plan II (which, like the newer versions, was in fact cancelling all the political benefits of the admission of CY such as the EU acquis).
2. As soon as the “solution” agreement was signed, CY would be admitted as a “united” Bz-Bc “virgin” entity, completely cut off from it’s past (parthenogenesis for those of us who have a European culture).
3. Simultaneously, Turkey would be granted a date for the commencement of its own accession talks.
4. Clerides and Kasoulides (on behalf of the GCs) went to the summit determined to sign, as it was the wish also of the traitorous Greek Government of the time (Costas Simitis. He is the unspeakable who handed Ochalan to the Turks, demanded the S300s to be removed from CY, accepted the Imia situation etc).
5. Fortunately, Denktash, Erdogan and the then foreign minister Gul did not agree to the terms of the Annan Plan II (it was not as bad as V you see). If I remember well, Denktash did no even bother to attend the summit.
6. The EU, at that point, realized two things:
(a) That Denktash and Turkey did not really want a solution.
(b) They were arguing that CY should not join the EU prior to a solution, intending to keep CY out of the EU for ever, by never letting a solution to be reached (as they do now, by raising ridiculous demands and by taking back, at every meeting, all they had agreed previously).
7. Having detected the above, the EU leaders went crazy. They realized that the stance of Turkey and Denktash was jeopardizing the so much desired, at the time, expansion of the EU.
(a) They announced the date of the accession of CY (May 1st 2004)
solution or not.(b) They also decided that if a solution was not reached until that date, the EU acquis and all other consequences and benefits of the accession would apply only to the areas were the RoC had sovereign control, i.e., that TCs would (due to Turkey and Denktash) “stay out into the cold” until the RoC would be able to extend its sovereignty to the occupied part i.e., until the Asian Bully gets out from CY and takes her Mongol settlers with her.
(c) They told Turkey to bugger off and come back to ask (beg) for a date for the commencement of her accession talks AFTER the full accession of CY was concluded.

1. The admission of CY to the EU was not the result of “blackmail” by Greece.
2. Yes, Greece did help and did lobby a lot and yes Greece, on the advice of Yannos Kranidiotis, did urge and push CY to apply for membership, even since 1991 but Vassiliou would not do it. It was finally done in 1999.
And yes, Greece would had blocked the accession of other countries if Cyprus was not admitted.
3. But Greece did not have to “blackmail”. It was the Turks who did the final job for us and cancelled all the pressure practiced by the US, the UK and Turkey, by rejecting (thank you kindly :twisted: ) Annan Plan II on the 12th of December 2002.
4. The NO of the GCs to the Annan Plan 5 in 2004 was simply the death certificate of the Turkish (and the US and the UK) aspirations to turn CY into a British/American/Franco Levantine Colony/Protectorate to the South and a Turkish province to the North.
5. In short, the blackmailing, fraudulent and bullying tactics of the Turkish side, backfired in their faces and left them and their patrons in owe :o .

P.S. 1. I have been suggesting for years that the R.o.C should erect the statues of the three stooges (Denktash, Erdogan and Gul) in the middle of Eleftheria Square in Nicosia and celebrate officially the 12th of December every year as “The Day of the Three Heroes” of CY, (“The Day Of D.E.G., or ER.GU.D maybe, i.e. Denktash-Erdogan-Gul or Erdogan-Gul-Denktash, bless them) :mrgreen: .
2. The above is the truth about Cyprus’ accession to the EU and should be used to shut up the lying Asian Bully and counter their rotten propaganda.
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Re: CY, EU and the Turkish Propaganda

Postby Maximus » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:42 pm

Anyone who can see clearly can see through lies and you need to have a very good memory to be a good liar.

Their propoganda has not been a success for their cause up until now, unless you are Turkish! What does that say about the Turkish propoganda machine and how they are percieved from the outside because of it?

Turkish propoganda is based on a plastic, twisted reality.
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Re: CY, EU and the Turkish Propaganda

Postby kimon07 » Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:33 pm

Maximus wrote:Turkish propoganda is based on a plastic, twisted reality.

Yeah. And our side does nothing to prove that, or rather, we do the best we can to let it spread.
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