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Paphos or Limmasol for vacation?

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Re: Paphos or Limmasol for vacation?

Postby diablogun » Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:59 am


Thanks immensely, that is very kind of you!
SoulRose wrote:For limassol if it will not be in town, i would stay myself in Erimi or Episkopi village (east of Limassol where prices arent as high as on the west Limassol area) its near the sea, both villages are big and full of action and if you happen to be in CY during the easter celebrations you might be able to see some of the traditions.
On the west side of Limassol you can try the villages of Moni is the smallest of the three, Pyrgos is bigger but without much to offer, Pareklisia is bigger, has restaurants, and it even has the "santa marina retreat" villages. If not you can always try Germasogia village which is bigger than all the last three, its in the outskirts of limassol, with the sea front which is packed with hotels. For all the above mentioned villages except Moni( as im not sure) theres an up to date bus service these days.

Limassol busses:
Episkopi Village:
Erimi Village:
Moni: ... rofile/220
Pareklisia: ... gr&lang=en

Here are some of the registered estate agents of limassol

Happy Reading :)
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Re: Paphos or Limmasol for vacation?

Postby johbee » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:48 pm

Limassol without a doubt. Paphos used to be nice till the developers built millions of untitled cheap villas attracting low class settlers mostly from the UK. Not too many nice beaches either. And if you're looking to settle here later, Limassol has much greater employment opportunities. If you come in the summer you will only find more low class drunk tourist in Paphos. Limassol has many things to do such as one of the largest water parks in Europe ( Nice beaches ?( , great (but $$$) shopping with the nicest mall on the island ( I even went to a Degas exhibit on the weekend, free.

Long walking and biking path along the sea front (,r:6,s:0).

Exquisite dining and not just cheap taverns ( Limassol is also centrally located close to the Troodos mountains, Pahos, Larnaca, and Nicosia.
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Re: Paphos or Limmasol for vacation?

Postby diablogun » Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:31 am

Thank you :-)
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Re: Paphos or Limmasol for vacation?

Postby Milo » Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:02 am

I think Limassol is a town not a resort, Paphos is good but it's full of tourists :lol:

You are in the wrong areas, come over to the Eastern side of the island it's by far the better coastline and beaches, is cheaper especially if you wander away from the resorts and into the villages, food is far better then and cheaper.

To rent a villa near to the sea will cost you top dollar, in fact a few minutes walk. I think try for a village property that has been sensitively refurbished there are a few websites if you look under Cyprus village holidays etc. Your stay will be much more memorable, rent a car, get a map, ask the locals and you will go all the right places.

People cringe at Ayia Napa, but out of the real busy season it's really pleasant, they are busy there now changing hotels to holiday let's and refurbing shops and restaurants, one of the restaurants in Napa which is Thai food has just won an Top award last year, it may be Thai food but it's in Cyprus! plenty to do there as well. But stay outside the area and go in at your leisure, Protaras is a pleasant but small resort, a great costal path has been constructed from Pernara on the outskirts of Protaras all the way now to Fig tree bay one of our pretty and popular beaches, it's a great walk and lovely cafes bars and kiosks along the way. Staying for instance in Agia Triada or Ayia Thekla will give you space from the resorts but close by.

Konnos Bay is the best beach in Cyprus, and I've visited many over the years. This is in Cape Greco a beautiful natural part of the island. You need a car, but IMO you do not need to pay top dollar for a property you won,t spend all day in.

Of course Larnaca is very pleasant too, but from a tourist angle not about it's beach, more about the old town and Finicoudes on the front, nice little harbor there with great little boat trips for not too much money, there is a must do sunset cruise on a small yacht that I know many take before a meal out on the front, but remember tourist areas worldwide are eye openingly expensive, you need to walk around a corner or down a side street and you will normally find a treasure of a place for half the price.

On this side of the island of course we are much more aware of the divide between north and south, the turkish occupation can be visibly seen and actually driven past, learning why is important. It's possible to travel to the north to see for yourself, but not in a hired car, many tours go over from Ayia Napa for instance, to see Varosha and the walled city.

I think weather wise you are coming at the right time. To come and live here is another matter entirely and there is much more to say on that.

Those empty developments ugly badly designed and constructed within spitting distance of nieghbours all over the island, weren't built by drunken Brits or bought by them! They were built by greedy Cypriot developers who wished to make fortunes, in doing so they made many many mistakes caused massive problems for the island and continue to so, now they are in deep doo doo. Avoid new off plans like the plaque and go only for resales with Deeds. Many nationalities I can say live here, but don't go for apts!! Problems with many are arising re maintenance contracts. There are many people including drunken Brits and drunken Russians, living in beautiful houses with beautiful gardens that they have created which have been built by very decent and honest people. Don,t buy anything at all without Title Deeds, then you will be fine. Good luck.
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