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Has the Euro been good for Cyprus?

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Do you believe that Cyprus should have joined the Eurozone?

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Yes - it was a good decision
Bananiot, CBBB, kurupetos, Oceanside50
No - we should have kept the Cyprus Pound (Lira)
cyprusgrump, DrCyprus, FragnaticDeath, Mik, Paphitis, Smiler Brian, supporttheunderdog
It doesn't worry me either way
bill cobbett, SKI-preo
Total votes : 13

Re: Has the Euro been good for Cyprus?

Postby bill cobbett » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:27 am

cyprusgrump wrote:
B25 wrote:
Paphitis wrote:OK this topic should be resurrected.

Once again, as I have said before, Britain has been smart by staying away!

We went into the Eurozone but if we had the Cyprus Pound we could print and devalue our currency and inflate our debt away. The Government could bail the Banks keeping them alive.

Well it seems that some of you back in early 2012 just had no clue.

My understanding of the euro joining was that it was a pre-requisite to joining the EU.

We also had to have the pound track the euro for a while before the final exchange.

I don't think it was a case of, 'oh let us join the euro boys'

The UK is in the EU but not the €uro....

Believe it has been a recent condition of joining the EU to adopt the Euro after a set number of years (5???)... a condition that applied to CY but not to older members like GB.

... oh ... and voted "don't know" in the poll cos no one else had.
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