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Governing, Land and Power Sharing

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Governing, Land and Power Sharing

Postby insan » Sun Aug 08, 2004 12:06 am

Would you please tell me what is undemocratic in this federative structure of land sharing, power sharing and governing?

According to the figures from various sources; TCs private and state land should be around %20% ... In North part of the Island, 12.3 of that %20 already belonged to TCs prior to 74 ... append %3 of Evkaf properties to that; amounted %15 ... Now append %6(1/4 of the total state land)of the TCs constituent state owned land(Mountains, roads, forests etc)... Amounted to %21. So where has gone the TCs private land which remained in South after the events of 74?

... if the private land, properties wich belong to the GCs who would return or have the right to live in TC constituent state per Annan Plan(max. 40.000/%20 of TCs population) is taken into consideration; TC administered constituent state land should be around %29.

Ps: Mountains, forests, roads etc; in North cannot be considered as TCs private land ...

Suppositionaly, the rest of the land which belong to GCs in TC constituent state must either be exchanged reciprocally or rented/sold by their legal owners; depends on various cases....

I have no idea about what can be done for loss of use compensations though...

Regarding the US federalism based on united Cyprus administrative structure that would grant full political rights(Remeber that Annan Plan doesn't grant them full political rights) to the GCs who suppositionally would live in TC constituent state, if a unified Cyprus achieved on a Federative basis..

what do you think about this power sharing:

House of Representatives:(Deliberative and Executive body)

- Proportional Power Sharing

37 GCs from GC constituent state and 9 TCs + 2 GCs from TC constituent state.

All ministries will be shared proportionally on a rotation basis...

- Bi-Cameral Legislature Assembly:(Legislative and governing body)

Equal Power sharing in Senate

16 GCs from GC Constituent State and 4 GCs + 20 TCs from TC constituent State.

And a symbolic veto power granted president who would be a GC for one term and a TC for the next term...

Ain't this a contemporary, democratic system?

Now please tell me what is unfair with it? What risks and dangers it bears within?
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Postby Piratis » Sun Aug 08, 2004 1:24 pm

Insan, first correct your numbers, and the we can discuss.

I guess you base your calculations on this:

(3) According to data that cannot be disputed, prepared both under British rule and since Independence, the percentages of land ownership in Cyprus are as follows:

Greeks Turks Others State Land
60.9% 12.3% 0.5% 26.3%

Problem one:
Now append %6(1/4 of the total state land)of the TCs constituent state owned land

Why 1/4 ? You are 18% thats less than 1/5th. Therefore the correct number is 4.7%.

Problem two:

append %3 of Evkaf properties to that

60.9+12.3+0.5+26.3 = 100%.

How can you append that 3% of Evkaf? That will make a total of 103%!

This means the Evkaf is not extra, but is either included in the private or state TC land.

Therefore the end result is 12.3 + 4.7 = 17%.

Also those percentages are for the whole island not for the north part as you claim.
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Postby insan » Sun Aug 08, 2004 4:46 pm


After long discussions between the two sides in 1992, the S.G. prepared a compromise map showing the proposed area of the two Federated Zones. This map reduces the area of the T/C Federated Zone from 3,355 which is the area of the Turkish-occupied territory at present, to 2,613 Calculated on the basis of the total area of Cyprus, including the British Bases, which is 9,251, the area of the T/C zone according to the MAP amounts to 28.2% but calculated on the basis of the area of the Republic of Cyprus (8,, it amounts to 29.05%. Thus the latter percentage is in-between what the two sides had agreed in 1985 and 1986: The 1985 Consolidated Draft Agreement, which was accepted by the G/C side stipulated that the area of the T/C Federated Zone would be "in the order of 29% of the territory of the Federal Republic" and the 1986 Draft Framework Agreement, accepted by the T/C side, stipulated that the area of the T/C Federated zone would be "in the order of 29+%". (Note: The aforesaid figures have been obtained from the Deputy Special Representative of the S.G. in Cyprus, Mr. Feissel.)

According to 1946 census muslim population was 80.000 and non-muslim population was 370.000 in Cyprus. This makes the TCs %20.1 of the total population. According to the statistics of various reliable sources the yearly population growth rate of both communities is same...

So how did the %20 of TC population percentage decrease to %18.4 in 1960 while GC population of the Island was increasing normally? Simple... Because of the EOKA oppression and intercommunal violance...

Thus, the TCs population percentage must be accepted as %20 to total population nevertheless their private+state land must be accepted as %20 to total land(Though productivity of the land must be taken into consideration as well)

The British sovereign bases are only the 0.06 of the total Cyprus land. 258 sq km.

If 40.000 refugees would return to their properties in TC constituent state; percentagely, the amount of their private properties and state land share should be appended to TCs %20. Then most probably it would be equal to %29.
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Postby MicAtCyp » Mon Aug 09, 2004 1:25 pm

It seems my friends you got up messed in numbers.
OK here are some more statistics about the land ownership in 1974.(from the Department of Lands and Surveys).

Free areas.

Occupied Areas
GC 58.2
TC 16.2
State 22.8
Other 2.8
Total 100

Now if you consider the occupied areas as the 37% and the free areas as the 63%, we have
0.37X16.2 +0.63X9.7= 12.1% TC properties.

Evkaf is known to own 2-3% however I don't know if that is included in the TC percentage or at the State. Similarly for the Church which owns about 12%.

In my opinion there is no way to form a bizonal Federation in Cyprus today in which the TCs would be the majority in the TC Fed State, because this means there must be either restrictions to the return of refugees (which is not possible inside the Eu) or a too small TC FedState.

TC population in 1974:120K
GC population in 1974:540K
GC refugees in 1974:180K
Occupied Areas land percentage 37%
Population in the Occupied at Referendum Date: 70-80K TCs, 110-120 K settlers.
Number of Voters in the Occupied at Referendum Date 140K

The GC refugess are more than the whole population of the TCs in 1974, and they were ALL living at the area in which presumably the TC Fed State will be.
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