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Cypriot represents Greece for Eurovision 2012

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Re: Cypriot represents Greece for Eurovision 2012

Postby supporttheunderdog » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:07 pm

Not at all - I gave up lisening to the "Top 10" in about 1970-72 as I found the majority of songs deeply musically unsatisfying and I basically gave up watching Eurovsion at the same time as I considered most of the songs and performances similarly banal and contrived (along with the voting) - that is not to say that the songs (such as they were) were not excellently performed. Indeed on the one or two occasions when I saw anything of it the only good thing was the Terry Wogan commentary. Even if Humberdink had won I would not have been particularly bothered. Just not my musical preference. Give me something like Beethoven or "Bird" , music one has to listen to, not just hear.
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