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Turkey feels stuffed by the EU

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Turkey feels stuffed by the EU

Postby Jerry » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:16 am

We keep being told that Turkey does not need to join the EU but this columnist seems pretty upset at the slow progress of accession. As for his last sentence, what arrogance, I think it’s Turkey that is shooting itself in the foot.

As the mood in Turkey-EU relations remains very icy and is expected to worsen when Cyprus takes over the presidency, a resolution on the “Turkey Progress Report” is to be debated and voted on……………………

I do hope that the text is cleansed from those double standards and hypocrisies. But, still, my concern remains. It has to do with Cyprus’ irrational intent, as it takes over the presidency, on blocking Chapter 23 (judiciary and fundamental rights) and 24 (justice, freedom and security). Turkey is in the midst of a historic debate about a “civil constitution” and judicial reform. These are of crucial importance for Turkey -- and the EU. Turkey wants to open these chapters, but the EU fails to notify Turkey of its criteria to negotiate on these two chapters. It is impossible to understand. On the one hand the EU criticizes Turkey on these issues, but on the other hand it refuses to open these crucial chapters. This is a proper example of the union’s folly, of “shooting itself in the foot.” ... flaws.html
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Re: Turkey feels stuffed by the EU

Postby Maximus » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:36 pm

This online paper has absolutely no credibility in my opinion.
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