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How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby erolz » Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:46 pm

Piratis wrote: You are the one who usually (except now) claims that because of some illegalities of GCs in the past, all illegal actions of TCs and Turkey are excused for ever.

You have accused me of this so many times now I have lost count. Each and every time I have denied that is what I have said - yet still you persist. Can you actually show me a SINGLE example of where I have said that all illegal actions of TC and Turkey are excused forever because of past illegalites of GC? If you can not (which you can not because I have NEVER said this) will you then please stop making this 'accusation'? Somehow I doubt it!

Piratis wrote:This just shows how ridiculous you are. You came in the Cyprus problem forum, to argue that I should sell my computer at a lower price because some dude in another forum was selling a Dell for less, or because a UK or US company is selling a computer at a good price. :shock: :shock:

I used this as an example of your 'reasonableness' your approach to 'negotiation' and your idea of what is 'fair'. I pointed out that there was a valid basis for arguing that your price was too high (be it your laptop or your demands for Cyprus). I presented evidence for this. You deny it applied to Cyprus (be it your laptop or Cyprus). I presented evidence directly applicable to Cyprus and you have accuse me of being ridiculous. If you can not accept that you have overpriced your laptop then is little to no hope that you will ever realise that your demands for Cyprus are no more reasonable or justifiable either. Which given your postings to date is not much of a surprise really.

Piratis wrote:I hope that you will not come to steal my computer because you think that the price is too high, like you did in the case of Cyprus. You obviously have no problem to disobey laws and commit crimes just because you think you are right.

No but if we had agreed to 'jointly' buy a laptop with you buying the bulk of it and me paying for say the CD drive and agreed a basis for how that sharing would work. If you then decided that the agreement was unfair and took posession of the whole machine, letting me use it only as and when you saw fit - regardless of what was agreed and if this situation continued for 11 years with your persitnetly and consistently giving me lees use of it than the original agreement I might well decide to sieze the whole thing and keep it UNTIL you were prepared to agreed a new reasonable settlement based on the orginal.

Piratis wrote:Anyways, this just shows at what level you can drop the discussion when you run out of arguments. It is my fault that I let you drop me to this level.

I ask myself is Piratis a 'resonable' person willing to look at other peoples positions and willing to modify his own in light of evidence or is he the sort of person that believes in a kind of 'divine rightness' where his opinons are right merely because they are his. In you attitude towards the price of your laptop and your ongoing attitude towards Cyprus I see more of the latter than the former.
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Postby Aris » Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:59 pm

OK, I am going to have to lock this thread.

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