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Cypriot cuisine show on TLC

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Cypriot cuisine show on TLC

Postby wyoming cowboy » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:31 am

I have always wondered why the tasty Cypriot cuisine never received any notoriety.... I've tasted some fine cuisines, from French, Italian and Spanish but the taste of Cypriot foods stood out, from the way Cypriots simmer pork with Kologasi, to the red sauced based snail soup, to the Spinach and lamb casseroles and the octopus boiled and cooked with its ink and wine sauce. Why noone picked up on this before and internationalize it is a true mystery to me. Another thing i like is the properly made easter cheese bread, flaounes. Kleftiko cooking in a ceramic pot underground is delicious too....has anyone thought of cooking kleftiko with a little Texas BBQ sauce....... :D :D

My Cypriot Kitchen’, hosted by chef Tonia Buxton, premieres on May 1, 2012, in the 10 PM slot every night

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 27, 2012

Food is without doubt one of the best ways to experience a country. And if the country happens to be the island nation of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, known for its fabulous cuisine, you do not need a better excuse. Lifestyle channel TLC will premiere a new show, ‘My Cypriot Kitchen’, on the exotic food of Cyprus with resident Tonia Buxton. Every episode unravels mouth watering delicacies as Tonia takes it upon herself to show the world how to cook, Cyprus style! The show premieres on May 1, 2012, and will air every night at 10 PM.

Passionate foodie Buxton returns to her homeland of Cyprus on a culinary tour of her favourite places. Visiting family and friends, she cooks some of her favourite traditional recipes and shares the culture of this warm and wonderful island that’s so steeped in history. Starting with Easter, Tonia joins her uncle, who is also the village priest, in preparing special dishes such as ‘Flaounes’ – traditional Easter cakes and a favourite family dish, ‘beef sofrito.’

Rahul Johri, Senior Vice-President and General Manager – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “TLC is proud to be the home of iconic and world famous hosts such as Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Chinn amongst many others. We are delighted to present a new celebrity, Chef Tonia Buxton, who will host ‘My Cypriot Kitchen’, which is a fabulous series that showcases the culture of Cyprus through its exotic food.”

Buxton visits the various regions of Cyprus known for its variety of produce and exciting cuisine, learning how to cook everything from ‘Tahini Soup’ to lamb ‘Youvetsi’ and Cypriot smoked pork called ’Lounza.’ She uses the opportunity to travel across her homeland and relive childhood memories as she gets a taste of sweet delicacies such as cherry Glyko and carob honey toffee.

To finish off in style, Buxton offers to create the best of Cyprus for a selection of VVIPs, a popo singer, a TV presenter and a much-loved actor. She travels the island to gather the best ingredients before serving her three-course dinner to her special guests.
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Re: Cypriot cuisine show on TLC

Postby apc2010 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:45 am

this is an old programme ...............but quite good
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