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Where the Cyprus economy is going.

We all need a good laugh.

Re: Where the Cyprus economy is going.

Postby B25 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:25 pm

Jerry wrote:
B25 wrote:50k in the midlands, yeah, I know the type, shitholes we call them, I mean come on, you have to compare like for like not just any old hole.

As for your list, crummy 2 bed 100 year old buildings in run down areas of 58m2 or less, compared to a brighter 2 bed in the med. I mean who are you going to kid.

So that brings me to the question, why aren't you buying those cheapos in the UK that are 'realistiscally priced to sell'. And if they were that good, why are they still for sale.

Come on Jerry, I had you down for a level headed intelligent man, but you are showing yourself up.

I think you will find that the crummy 100 year old buildings will still be there in another 100 years whereas those in Cyprus will have been demolished and redeveloped and a what cost and to who. Why do you think a 30-year-old apartment in Cyprus fetches a lower price than a new one? And of course in the UK you get title deeds and enforceable maintenance covenants. I saw some pretty crummy resales in Larnaca a couple of years ago but they still wanted silly money for them, I'm afraid too many Cypriots have a fixation that prices only go one way - upwards.

Some more UK bargains for you here in newer buildings and much cheaper too, ... ding=false

PS, I already have enough property in the UK I want a holiday place in Cyprus.

Have it your own way Jerry, enjoy your UK property. Perhaps if you manage to find some really hardup person you can vulture their property too. Good luck, cos with what you are looking to spend, you're gonna need it.
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Re: Where the Cyprus economy is going.

Postby bill cobbett » Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:32 pm

B25 wrote:The only austerity measures Cyprus needs to take is the reduction in salaries and benefits of its civil servents. That alone would save us at least 800m a year if not more.

I detest the giving of say school teachers and other 28 times their final slary as a goodbye bonus, bonus for timely attendance to work, bonus for actuallt turning up for work and a number of the other criminal bonuses paid to government employees.

FFS, we have people unable to feed their families and these parasites are milking the country dry. Gamoto.

Part of the problem in this and so many other areas and not just in CY but in other places is what we could call government by interest group.

In the case of CY, it's weak government that gives in to developers who don't want to issue deeds cos they'll pay transfer taxes, gov that give in to taxi-drivers and teachers, throws its arms up in surrender when confronted by even the likes of petrol-station owners, gov that doesn't have the courage of conviction that we should expect from good government to make unpopular and painful decisions when needed, to take on groups such as civil servant unions and CY Airways staff for the sustainable long term good of all... so you lose out big time if you're not a part of this organised interest group system and even those who are part of the Rotten Mongering System will also lose out in the long run... cos no matter how gov tries to delay it, there is always gonna be a day of reckoning.
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