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MTN Mobile Broadband ftp

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MTN Mobile Broadband ftp

Postby dpng » Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:16 pm

Hello all,
I recently signed up to the MTN Mobile Broadband service and I found it works well for my purpose. I have a USB dongle that I plug into a router and it gives me wireless connectivity in the apartment. But I need to be able to access the Cyprus computer remotely using FTP. Unfortunately I cannot do this using the MTN service. The same configuration had been working elsewhere (on another carrier / country) and FTP worked, so I know it is the MTN network that is my problem. I use dyndns service to know the MTN IP address and this shows as an address in the range. But my router sees an address beginning with a . I presume this is a private address range.

I think that to be able to ftp into the Cyprus end I need either the public address to be delivered to my router or else the port 21 to be open on the MTN firewall (not sure if this is possible).

So I wonder if anyone knows if there is anything that I can do, or that MTN would be willing to do, in order for me to be able to FTP into the Cyprus end? If not, does anyone know if the Vodafone mobile broadband has the same restriction as MTN?

I have contacted the MTN help line ( a lot) but I think I will only make progress if I have the solution that I know they can implement and then focus on that.
Thanks for any suggestions / insight.

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