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!!!... The Fork Handles Sketch - Minus Turk Sub-Titles...!!!

We all need a good laugh.

!!!... The Fork Handles Sketch - Minus Turk Sub-Titles...!!!

Postby bill cobbett » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:23 pm

You lucky, lucky peeps, you've never had it so good.!!!...

For the sake of balance, one for the Two Countries Turkish Wannabees... and we all know there are plenty of those around.

This has to be favourite and funniest English Language Sketch of all times. Sure you'll all agree it's a gem.

Reminds in latter years of the CY negotiations where a zonal federation under a Strong Central Gov is mis-interpreted as Two Countries according to the Turkish Wannabees...

Anyway, enough with the politicking... Enjoy...

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bill cobbett
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Re: !!!... The Fork Handles Sketch - Minus Turk Sub-Titles..

Postby kimon07 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:37 am

Nice one. Same concept as the Greek theatrical play of 185 years ago by D.K. Vyzantios, titled "Babylonia":

In Nafplion in 1827, Greeks from Asia Minor, the Peloponnese, Chios, Crete and Cyprus, as well as an Arvanite and a scholar from Kos, hear the news that Ibrahim’s fleet has been destroyed. They decide to celebrate the happy event with a party at an inn. In their patriotic fervour they drink too much, however, and the hot-tempered Arvanite, not understanding the dialect of the Cretan and believing that he has insulted him, injures him with a pistol. When the police arrive, Inspector Dionysios Fantes from the Ionian Islands interviews the witnesses. However, despite his experience in interrogation, he is unable to determine whether the wounding of the Cretan is premeditated or accidental, since he cannot understand the various dialects of the witnesses, and they cannot understand his...
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