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Re: Fine...

Postby Schnauzer » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:49 pm

bill cobbett wrote:Must tell you about one of many run-ins with local councils here in London where it was alleged that the "law was broken" ...

It would appear that (in these latter days) in London, one scarcely dares to step outside the door for fear of breaking some obscure 'Law', I suspect the reason is that the 'Local Authorities' are all hell bent on recuperating the funds filched from the 'Public Purse' by the Politicians who seem able to conjure up excuses for their conduct without fear of the slightest reproach.

Congratulations are due to you for your apparent 'Victory' BUT, relative to the many thousands of those who do not have the temerity to contest that which may well be harsh treatment, I doubt if any changes will be made as a result of it.

As far as the 'Parking Laws' in Cyprus are concerned, I must say that I have NEVER attracted a 'Fine' although I have often been warned of the possibility of one by the attendants (and Police), it may well be that 'Z Cars' are targeted precisely because the drivers of them think they are entitled to emulate the way in which the 'Locals' conduct themselves in such a 'Cavalier' fashion, bloody cheek, they should pay up and learn to know their place in OUR country. :lol:
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