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Best time of year to travel in Cyprus?

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Best time of year to travel in Cyprus?

Postby leah_b » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:20 am

Hello, I have a few questions about travelling in Cyprus:

1. Is the weather still pleasant in December/January?
2. I'm thinking of renting a car and driving around the island, are there any particular routes you can suggest?
3. What's a reasonable daily budget for travelling in Cyprus?

All advice appreciated!

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Re: Best time of year to travel in Cyprus?

Postby CanWoodsman » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:17 am

As for your first question it depends on what you consider pleasant weather.
At that time of year you are more likely to see rain or possibly snow depending where you are.
Unless at higher elevations most days are well above zero C but can drop below it at night. Generally warmer along the coast.
As a Canadian I found the weather quite pleasant during that time of year especially along the coast. We swam in the Mediterranean at that time of year but most thought we were crazy.
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Re: Best time of year to travel in Cyprus?

Postby supporttheunderdog » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:58 am

hi leah

It can depend on what you are used to - best times in my view are Autumn and Spring, in particular while the Island is Green from the rains- as it is becoming now. Spring (late Feb early April) is better for wild flowers and snow in the mountains, Autumn is better for sea swimming as the sea still has some summer heat. At one point or another I have swum during every month of the year in Cyprus but late Decemeber on it can seem cold.
At this time of year and in spring you will need long sleeves/ slightly warmer clothing for the evening and early morming but usually only short sleeves if it is sunny. Soon it will normally be long sleeves even jumpers by day, even on the coast, where we can get the occasional frost, but you can get warm sunny days even in January - februray where it is warm enough to wear shorts/teeshirt. Bring rain wear/umbrella. If it rains it normally rains quite - or one gets the 30 seconds / three drops shower.

It is well worth visting the Troodos but be careful in winter in the higher reaches because of risks of snow/ice which in bad conditions involve blizzards with roads closed. ( Ihave skied in early April in lovely snow) Routes will often depend on where you start from but most of them will at one point or another have good views. Some roads are unmade so 4wd /good ground clearance is esential and they are not recommended in the wet times, like now.
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