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Renting a guitar

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Renting a guitar

Postby dglenn » Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:20 pm

[Newbie here. I'm not sure whether this question belongs here or in the "Questions and Answers" board, so I'll try here first.]

I'll be visiting Cyprus this spring for the first time since I was a toddler. I certainly don't want to go a month without a guitar in my hands, so I was wondering: if I don't want to fly with my guitar, could I rent one for a month in either Larnaca or Nicosia? (I haven't decided whether I want an acoustic to play for my relatives or a solid-body electric to practice (unplugged) without disturbing anyone.) Or is this going to be one of those "get off the web and start phoning music stores" questions?

Also, can anyone suggest where to shop for an inexpensive but decent oud or cumbus to take home? (Or should I drop that plan and just plan to look for a bouzouki? I do want one, but at home I would get more use out of an oud. And yes, I already play all of these, so learning isn't a factor, though so far I've only played bouzouki in Irish octave-mandolin tuning.)

The other thing on my shopping list is sheet music, before my relatives find out I know more Turkish tunes than Greek tunes ...
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