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a private investigation...Cyprus Bailout.

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

a private investigation...Cyprus Bailout.

Postby repulsewarrior » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:05 pm

...i'll say that Cyprus will come out stronger for this, although it is a witch hunt. those Germans who are in such a rush to demean what seems like a puny economy to save a buck are mistaken, and should be well advised to consider the credibility they represent, when what comes around, goes around. is the perfect opportunity for the EU to bone-up, by demonstrating solidarity. and should the investigation find some crime, which it would in any State, to treat the Criminal, if it is made public, without exploiting what shame it brings as guilt by association to the Rule of Law. without Grace, such action, at this point, when France or Italy falters, or Spain, will be too late. Europe will be the sham.

let's not forget that Cyprus has been a net contributor to Europe so far. it leads with great esteem, as a Maritime, Trading, and/or Financial partner, Internationally. never mind how socialised it is, or that strategically, it is the gateway Europeans have to two other Continents. it was nothing more than a backwater, for about 350 years, under Ottoman occupation. it fared better under British rule, but it was only in 1960 that these people finally provided for themselves for the first time as this island's dwellers, asphalt roads, and a drinking water system, which they did not have before.

imagine, a People thousands of years old existing under subjugation, and suddenly Free; the Cypriots, i think have demonstrated Heroic efforts toward improving themselves since then, and with a Tolerance exemplary given that 1/3 of its population can be defined as displaced, since 1974, and for the first time torn in two, as History states by an, Illegal, occupation where only Turkey refuses to recognise simple Universal Principals, and thus, where Cypriots are not defined as those who Love Cyprus, but, as in some Proxy War: as "Greeks", and "Turks".

Europe cannot ignore the huge potential that Cyprus represents. it's relations with many other neighbours is hopeful, what with the anticipated wealth that can be found within the management together, of their natural resources.

...just because things can go "boom", should we be playing with them; maybe private is good if it is kept private: already there are many fires.; posted originally, here.
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