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Turkish troops turned guns on UN commander

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Turkish troops turned guns on UN commander

Postby Piratis » Tue Nov 01, 2005 1:56 pm

Yesterday I made a post regarding the incident at Louroujina. ( ). Here are more details about it:
TURKISH forces pointed weapons at UNFICYP troops – including the UNFICYP force commander – who were inspecting an illegal Turkish military construction within the buffer zone two months ago, the UN confirmed yesterday.

According to reports, Turkish troops began building an illegal military post within the buffer zone on August 16 in the area of Louroutzina, claiming that the structure was necessary to monitor the movement of illegal immigrants. Several days later, UNFICYP demanded that the Turkish troops dismantle the structure, but the construction continued unabated.

Yesterday’s Phileleftheros reported that on August 31, armed Turkish troops, in open violation of agreements made since 1974, asked an UNFICYP patrol that had come to inspect the area to leave. UNFICYP left and returned several times, each time bringing higher-ranking officers, culminating in the arrival by helicopter of the UNFICYP Force Commander. The Turkish troops then set off a state of alarm and aimed their guns at the UNFICYP force commander and his escorts.

UNFICYP spokesman Brian Kelly confirmed to the Cyprus Mail yesterday that Turkish troops “pointed weapons at the UN personnel” while the inspection was underway, noting that “the Force Commander was among those present”
According to Kelly, The UNFICYP Force Commander then met with the head of the Turkish forces to discuss the incident, where “apologies were conveyed to the [UNFICYP] Force Commander for the misunderstanding.”

The UN also lodged an official complaint “concerning both the buffer zone violation and the incident”, which then led to the removal of the construction materials from inside the buffer zone.

“However, not withstanding these welcome actions, the Turkish forces persisted in erecting a structure close to the Buffer Zone perimeter, in itself a ‘spirit’ violation of the status quo”, Kelly said. “The building in question has since been partially dismantled in response to UNFICYP’s protest.”

Kelly said that UNFICYP “continues to assert its mandate thoroughly by monitoring the buffer zone systemically and rigorously and by regular patrols.”

After the 2004 April referendum, the UN decided to cut UNFICYP personnel from 1,250 to 860.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides called the violation of the Green Line by the Turkish troops “characteristic” in its “lack of all respect towards the agreements that have been made since 1974”, also referring to the “threatening armed provocation” by the Turkish troops towards the UNFICYP head.

Chrysostomides said that the Cyprus government has filed all necessary complaints and will continue to do so, seeing that “the issue is not considered closed”.
In the last month, Turkish fighter jets and surveillance jets have violated Cyprus air space on two occasions in response to the National Guard’s decision to stage the annual Nikiforos military exercises after a four-year hiatus.
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Postby ELLAS H TEFRA! » Tue Nov 01, 2005 3:54 pm

What do you expect when you have to deal with mindless beasts with rifles in their hands?
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