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Radio Scanning frequencies for paphos Airport

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Re: Radio Scanning frequencies for paphos Airport

Postby Paphitis » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:05 pm

alston wrote:Thanks for all the constructive replies. unfortunately on 120.8 I receive nothing.

Tune in to Nicosia Center on 126.3.

Here you will hear all traffic flying within the Nicosia FIR (civil and cleared military). You will also hear traffic being cleared for descent and transferred to Larnaca Approach and Paphos Approach.

When you hear an aircraft handed over to Paphos Approach, then tune in on 120.8. From here they will be transferred to Paphos Tower 119.9 for Final Approach and clearance to land.

Paphos Approach would be a quiet frequency so you probably need to wait for some traffic inbound or departing. Larnaca Approach would be a more active frequency I would presume. The Larnaca Approach frequency is 121.2.

The cycle goes like this 126.3 > 120.8 > 119.9 for arrivals into Paphos. Departures from Paphos 119.9 > 120.8 > 126.3

Also, try tuning into the Paphos ATIS on 127.325 to verify if Approach might be inactive.

Hope that helps.
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