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Eliminate Google Ads and many others while surfing

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Re: Eliminate Google Ads and many others while surfing

Postby DT. » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:54 am

Get Real! wrote:I recently built myself a "new" system from scrap parts lying around the workshop because my main system died so I had lost dozens of system settings that made my life easier all these years.

I was quickly reminded of one such important setting when I first viewed this forum... ads everywhere!!! :?

:shock: Yikes, you gotta be kidding me I thought! :shock:

That of course reminded me of that sweet little file we all have: :idea:


So here I am again to remind you all that you need NOT tolerate the Google ads and many others plaguing the Internet these days.

Here's how to eliminate the ads once and for all:

Simply copy all the mambo jumbo below this message and paste it to the end of your hosts file (the one I highlight above) and save it in Notepad. Then exit and re-enter your browser. Here it is and write back if you had a problem especially in Windows 7 :wink: localhost

ok :D
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Re: Eliminate Google Ads and many others while surfing

Postby umit07 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:57 am

I use adblock on Maxthon 4, if you search extensions it comes up. It says its for chrome but works on fine with Maxthon 4, this is for the mac version though, I'm not sure if it's any different on PC.
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