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Postby repulsewarrior » Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:53 pm

Fellow Forum members,

In my Cyprus:

there will be Free association and movement, as well as expression.

there will be a State, the Republic of Cyprus, as well as (at least) two National Assemblies.

that this State has a bicameral legislature, and that every citizen has three votes from three slates, electing one representative for the lower house who represents them independently with their vote by consensus, as well as a turcophone from one slate of candidates, and a grecophone from a third slate of candidates for the upper house having an equal number of seats for each, where a leader and a party win by majority. and that being bicommunal, as Persons, there exist National Assemblies they choose to sustain by where they reside.

that Bizonal does not mean the island in two, it is Sovereign as one, and that there will be many parts which make up the zones defined by the National Assemblies, so that each's fabric (the 'facts on the ground') is not destroyed, and that by introducing enclaves to the political geography, as Cypriots, adding to their choices as Individuals and as Communities, accommodating the plight of the settlers who stay, as well as the Right of Return for the displaced (for some at least), Justice seen with the return of communities not only as individuals; an end to the Green Line as a border because as a frontier the are many.

...please feel free to express your own Cyprus, or to discuss the one i choose to promote.
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