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"Fifty years of golden music"

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"Fifty years of golden music"

Postby avinishri » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:32 pm

Hello every one!

Now on my blog "Fifty years of golden music" The story of Christos Nikolopoulos and 7 of his greatest songs: “I exist” (Υπάρχω) , My Jealousy (Ζήλεια μου), Don’t come back anymore (Μη γυρίζεις πια), The good night kisses”(Της καληνύχτας τα φιλιά), “You made the mistake” (Έκανες το λάθος), ”Good Night” (Καληνύχτα),and“In the bouzoukia of angels”(Στων αγγέλων τα μπουζούκια) which its lyrics had fascinated me.
It was a hard work this time and I would like to give my warm thanks to Nata and katerina for their help!!!. ... den-music/

All are welcome!

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