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Cyprus: An Emerging Tech Hub

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Cyprus: An Emerging Tech Hub

Postby Demonax » Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:37 pm

Why you should pay attention to these 8 emerging tech hubs....

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, and Berlin’s hip coffee shops to East London’s Silicon Roundabout, the world is well versed in the global innovation boom towns. But have you heard of what’s going on in Cyprus, Sweden or North Carolina?

No. 3. Nicosia

Despite its recent financial crisis, the WIPO cites Cyprus as a country showing great potential in intellectual property and technology output. Companies like NCR and TSYS have caught on, choosing the Mediterranean island capital for their regional headquarters.

With its high per-capita income, favourable tax system, sophisticated infrastructure and low business set-up costs the possibilities are prime in Cyprus. Bitcoin marketers Neo & Bee will open their first real-life branch in Nicosia later this month, a place where the use of the virtual currency is already creeping into everyday life. ... bs/#!wZdiI
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