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Armenian Cypriots raise the Republic's flag.

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Re: Armenian Cypriots raise the Republic's flag.

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:55 pm

...Greeks are best suited to sustain their (own) living relics, and the education of their children as Greeks; why not a Greek Constituency?

are you implying that because you (the vast majority) are the majority, it does not matter that the other Cypriot Constituencies have exactly the same capacity and need? what about their Grace as hosts, why should they depend impotent on their "brothers" be they Christian, Hellenic, or Moslem, or Jewish for that matter? what about Universal Principals? there may be one God, all of us can respect that, and in Cyprus it is clear, there is more than one creed. what of the ethnosphere which is shrinking at a faster rate than the ecosphere, what of new thinking which propels the Human race? what is the Cyprus way, when it comes to leadership, courage, and our demonstration of respect toward each other, and toward the larger family we belong to, beyond the Hellenic world no less. being "Greek" is not enough, just like these young lads who enjoy their own distinctions as Armenians, they hold the Cypriot flag before them, and it is a wonderful thing don't you think, that as Persons, we may have the Liberty to choose or own Identity, and yet, being Cypriot, to stand as Individuals, for Freedom. beyond "Greekness", "Germanness", "Turkishness", etc., there is a service that is higher; Lest we Forget. my Cyprus, one flag would fly higher, that of the Republic, one People and one Country. other flags may fly as well, and quite frankly a Greek Flag, along with a Turkish flag, and other flags as well, suits me fine because i like variety (and choice) in my life, and i believe, like in Canada, that this diversity secures a quality of living where beyond the Nation(s), a State can thrive.
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Re: Armenian Cypriots raise the Republic's flag.

Postby Cap » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:16 pm

Good gawd RW, that was brilliant.
I've always known the RoC produced brilliant minds, but that caught me off gaurd.
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