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Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby bg_turk » Mon Nov 28, 2005 11:26 pm

Viewpoint wrote:Although you have tried to maintain a balance 50-50 at one level at local level if the GCs out number the TCs in their own state then they could elect GC mayors etc how will TCs get a look in?wont this leave the door wide open to discrimination by GC officials who dont even speak Turkish at local level in a TC state?? wouldnt it be better if TCs ran things in the north as we would not stand any chance of being elected in the south either.

I think in the TC component state the official language should be Turkish and everybody should be required to study it at school, even GCs. The same should be true for the GC state in the South. If GC form a majority in one are, then still the official language in the municipality should be turkish and in official places that would be the language they should be required to use. I do not think greek cypriots becoming a local majority in some areas would constitute a threat as long as they do not have a seperatist agenda. Parties that promote seperatism from the TCCS and boundary redefinition should be banned.

It appears that which ever way we approach this if we reunite we are doomed to become a minority in our own country which will be run by GCs. Maybe partition is the safest bet for TCs.

If both communities are united the only way out of bloodshed would be the gradual assimilation of the two communities into each other. Greek Cypriots will become a little bit Turkish, and Turkish CYypriots will be come very Greek.

The only way to avoid assimilation would be complete partition as well in my opinion.

Partition or assimilation are the two eventual long term scenarios, and there is no way a middle ground power sharing agreement will ever survive for too long. It will eventually regress towards these two extremes.
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Postby Main_Source » Mon Nov 28, 2005 11:36 pm

BG have some distorted view of democracy. You think GC refugees, who make up the majority of Cypriots in the north of Cyprus, should be happy to have there homes back but not be allowed to say who governs them!? Is that democratic!?
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