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Dimitra Sings Dimitra

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Dimitra Sings Dimitra

Postby avinishri » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:16 pm

Hello every one!
A new post on my blog: "Dimitra sings Dimitra". About 5 songs that Dimitra Galani composed and sings: "Right"( Δικαίωμα), "Two days only"( Δυο μέρες μόνο), " I am speaking about power"( Εγώ μιλάω για δύναμη), " One night only"( Μια νύχτα μόνο) and "World's glass"( (Γυαλί-Ντουνιάς)
This post is dedicated to our friend Nata who is helping us for more than two and a half years. Thanks Nata! ... s-dimitra/

All are welcome!

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