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Searching for friends, pals, neighbors more info in topic

Looking for friends? For a boyfriend/girlfriend? Lover? Pen-pal?

Searching for friends, pals, neighbors more info in topic

Postby Hunki » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:58 pm

Hi dear readers, my name is Andrew and I am new to long living in Cyprus, well, as you may know it is a little boring here without friends, so I decided to find them in a short time )
Lets start.
So I live in a small town Aradippou and the only thing I know, that it is near Larnaca, so if you are living not far from me (like not on the other side of the island) write me down!
Ok, so what is about me -
I am 22 years old, russian and I don't drink alcohol (very strange for russian, yeah? ), because I like to speed up with amphetamines during my work time, but if you will insist, ok, i will make an exception for you :D
About my interests - well, like we all - movies, games, books, visual effects, now working in game development team, so if somebody here is good enough in Unity 3D, 3ds max, AE or Photoshop - it is fucking awesome!
I have friends in us,uk,ukraine,china, so I really dont care what is your nationality.
Oh and I don't have any girlfriend in Cyprus, I swear! And you know, this sucks, so I am ready for new relationships ;D

Now, my info part:
You can type me here, but it is better to contact me with:
My Skype - hunksb
e-mail : [email protected]

Nearly forgot, my dear reader, plz explain me, is it normal that Cablenet provider have 47 euros per month for 30mb/sec?
Are these usual prices for Internet in Cyprus!?
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