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Blobbo Arrives at LCA

We all need a good laugh.

Blobbo Arrives at LCA

Postby bill cobbett » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:53 am

Blobbo takes advantage of the direct and non-stop flight in to LCA.

He goes up to passport control...


... blobbo

Full Name please!

... mehmet muhadajeen jihady toeraggi blobbo


... louridjina


... too, free, for times a week.

No reh! What sex are you ? Male or Female...??? ... :roll:

... oh, mal, femal, sometiming sheep.

Sheep..!! ...?? Holy Cow...!!! ... :shock:

... yes, cow as well, jekamel, jedonkey.

But isn't that hostile to animals? ... :?

... yes, horse stile, doggy stile, any stile is being good.

Oh dear! ... :(

... no reh, deer running too bluddy quik.
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bill cobbett
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Re: Blobbo Arrives at LCA

Postby Paphitis » Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:16 am

lordo is cleared through security!


this is what happens when lordo and his 2 sheep take their seat!

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