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Cyprus basks in winter sunshine

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Cyprus basks in winter sunshine

Postby Sotos » Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:11 pm

CYPRUS has been basking in unseasonably high temperatures for the time of year, with mountain areas especially feeling the benefits.

Head of the Meteorological Services Kyriacos Theofilou, yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that, “the forecast is for temperatures to remain above average until at least the weekend. The average temperature for this time of year is 18 degrees Celsius.

Yesterday it was 21 degrees in Nicosia and 22 degrees in coastal areas. On higher ground, the average for this time of year is 10 degrees. Yesterday, it was 16 degrees in Prodromos, so we can say that this phenomenon is affecting mountain areas to a greater extent.”

The weather chief explained that the “increase in temperatures is being caused by a high pressure system coming from Africa, which is compressing and heating the air mass.”

Ragarding rainfall, “it has not rained since the third week of November. However, we experienced above average rainfall last month with 91 millimetres falling. The average for November is 55 millimetres. Nobody can predict when the next rains will arrive.”

Phedros Roussis, senior technician at the Water Development Board, explained that there are currently “131.2 million cubic metres of water in the 17 dams across the island. This equates to 48 per cent capacity. At this time last year, we had 187.9 million cubic metres of water at 68.7 per cent capacity.”

He added that despite the lack of rain, domestic supply would not be affected. “One hundred per cent of the public’s needs will be met, but that doesn’t mean that they should use water without thinking.

“We hope to have some rain soon,” he added.

Just before the start of the summer season, Agriculture Minister Timis Efthymiou warned against wasting water and reminded people of the problems the island had suffered in the past due to long droughts. The message had to be driven home that measures were necessary to contribute to the sustainable development of water resources and to spread public awareness concerning the correct management and use of water.

A retired businessman who lives on the beach in Larnaca said that he’s noticed more people swimming in the sea over the past couple of weeks.

Errikos Georgiou even took a dip himself last Saturday. “It was a really beautiful day with the temperature around 23 degrees Celsius so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some exercise,” he said.

“The water temperature was obviously cooler than in July or August but it wasn’t cold as such and was perfectly pleasant. I stayed in the water for around half an hour and there was no wind at all so it was nice when I came out.”
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Postby petrinela33 » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:37 pm rain,no fun...for next year!
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