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The curse of oracles...

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The curse of oracles...

Postby tsukoui » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:38 am

Ok guys, I need help, I admit it I'm addicted to the Yi Jing. I thought about switching to the Greek version by Kostas Dervenis, but then I thought that's just feeding my addiction even more. Wo betide if I switch to the Nigerian one used in Cuba since that demands sacrifices :twisted:

The truth is the discipline of the Yi Jing helps me stay relevant an powerful, but it's a real bummer for going on dates. What girl is ready to go out with a 6,000 year old sage? I've got to stop, but it's got to the stage that if I do I'm worried about the consequences. Discipline is good, but as the Yi Jing says, "this line is the opposite of the first one. Here, trouble is caused by the Water not going "out." The level of Water in the Lake has reached its point of safety. In order to avoid danger, it should continue to flow outward normally. A sudden, strong flow would be disastrous to the surrounding area."

In fact I'm beginning to worry more about that than smoking :oops:
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