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"TRNC" - Turkey's illegitimate child, result of a rape

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

"TRNC" - Turkey's illegitimate child, result of a rape

Postby Sotos » Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:42 pm

Akinci recently said that the relationship of the "trnc" toward Turkey should not be one of a child to a parent but of equal states. Sorry mr. Akinci but your illegal pseudo state is in FACT the illegitimate child of Turkey, result of the rape of Cyprus. Your pseudo state would have never existed without the criminal Turkish invasion, the ethnic cleansing and the stealing of our lands by Turkey's army. And if Turkey withdrew its army and support from your pseudo state then it would totally cease to exist since Republic of Cyprus has every right to reclaim its lands and restore legality. Your pseudo state is an illegal Turkish creation and it exists solely because of Turkey. But I think you know this. You know that your "presidential" position is the position of a muppet owned by Turkey and that without Turkey you have no "state" and no negotiating power. So everything you say is just publicity stands and nothing more. So I wish you to have nice muppet dancing during your term.
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