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visiting North Cyprus from South Cyprus

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visiting North Cyprus from South Cyprus

Postby chris london » Mon Dec 19, 2005 2:43 am

Can anyone give me some help, please? I hope to travel from South to North and stay there for two days before returning to the South. Are there any restrictions to stop me from doing this? I am an EU citizen with no Greek or Turkish connections. Will I need to show hotel bookings at the checkpoints? At what time does the crossing close at Nicosia on a Friday? And at what hours is it open on a Sunday? Many thanks to anyone who can give me specific up-to-date information.
chris london
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Postby city » Sun Jan 08, 2006 1:03 am

Hi Chris, maybe its to late now but as noone has answered your question....

You can travel from south to north. Just have your passport with you. About opening hours I can not give you any information. As far as I'm aware the checkpoints are open 24/7.
I guess you will use a hired car? Be aware of the fact that despite you have to pay about CYP 15,- at the border in order to get your vehicle insured, the insurance will only cover an absolut minimum if anything at all.
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