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Looking for Major E.S.L. Macey and Dvr D. Platt

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Looking for Major E.S.L. Macey and Dvr D. Platt

Postby Ghost155 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:02 pm

I recently arrived on the island to work with the UN, and being a military officer and student of history I have been fascinated by the events that have taken place on this beautiful island.
I will be straight and to the point. I am looking for any and all information available from any source.
We, I and some colleagues, are looking to close a small chapter in UNFICYP’s history. We are looking for Major E.S.L. (Ted) Macey and Driver Donald Platt’s final resting place.
We are not concerned on who committed the act, nor look to punish anyone. We are simply looking to give two soldier’s a proper military burial.
We have been able to track some information, but would appreciate any sources or living witnesses who might be willing to help us in our cause. We both understand that both sides of the dispute have lost family and friends in a very dark time, and we do not wish to open old wounds or place blame, this is not our goal.
If anyone is willing to help, as I said, it would be much appreciated.
Thank you
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