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Unregistered electric scooters in Agia Napa

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Unregistered electric scooters in Agia Napa

Postby Gagman » Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:39 am

During my visit at night to Agia Napa,and walking with my Family, I had several near misses by careless users of the latest fad (3 wheel electric scooters). Why are these allowed on the footpath and sneaking up up on unsuspecting walkers,furthermore,these have no license plate and they are also ridden on Nissi ave,holding up cars and buses as they ride along. Also witnessing a very dangerous stunt of a man not looking and riding across the pedestrian crossing without stopping to look,and a car narrowly missing him by centimeters,with the driver shouting at him. Who has given the right for these to be hired out? Why has this been stopped in Protaras and not in Agia Napa,when there is so much more traffic?
A petition needs to be put forward before the next season,as it also appears any age can hire these scooters out.
Who is wholly responsible for this dangerous activity? Many tourists where alarmed with the use of these. Action must be taken now!
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Re: Unregistered electric scooters in Agia Napa

Postby B25 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:11 am

Agreed, you may be pleased to know that the police are also concerned and are discussing the law about regulation these contraptions.
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