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Elections, Talks, Promises, Failure.........50 years!

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Elections, Talks, Promises, Failure.........50 years!

Postby MrH » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:45 pm

Most of us here, Greek or Turkish Cypriots alike, would no doubt agree the following process concerning the long road to seeking the "Impossible" Cyprus Comprehensive agreement Process:

1 - A Cypriot government on either side Changes
2 - The UN gets all excited about a new impetus in the search for a new vision on the Cyprus Talks
3 - the NEW leaders waste a few years behind closed doors Talking rubbish and eating food on a monthly basis with annoying press announcements
4 - Suddenly a "Plan" emerges, and surprise surprise, it looks almost identical to the previous devised Cyprus peace plans
5 - Then, either it is rejected outright by one side (1992 for example), or in a referendum (2004!)
6 - Statements are then issued by both sides, ending with the UN saying that ALL decisions must be respected
7 - Many years later, Option 1 restarts again (with apparently more "moderate" leaders dramatically appearing each time!)

So in essence, What a was of time, money and resource. Either we as Peoples of the Island of Cyprus are stupid, or we simply don't care anymore - take your pick!
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