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Truth distortion - a poll

Feel free to talk about anything that you want.

Who is more inclined to distort truth when posting here ?

GreekIslandGirl (formely knmow as Oracle)
erolz66 (formerly know as erolz, erolz2, erolz3)
Total votes : 15

Re: Truth distortion - a poll

Postby Sotos » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:50 pm

erolz66 wrote:
Sotos wrote:I will not vote either..

But you did decide to vote in GiG's grossly more pejorative poll ? :)


The answer to that question was very obvious... I agree with your first reply to that poll ;) This one is more difficult... I didn't read all your and GiG's posts and GiG has 7 times as many posts.... are we talking in absolute terms or as a percentage? And what weights more... the number of manipulations and exaggerations or the severity? If I say is GiG maybe that is just because she posts a lot more. If I say it is you maybe it is because I argued more times with you than with her... Either way my answer would be based on my general impression which might be wrong.
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