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A 'good news' Cyprus story - one of hope

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Re: A 'good news' Cyprus story - one of hope

Postby Sotos » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:14 am

Pyrpolizer wrote:
erolz66 wrote:

"Whether Hatice is a Turkish Cypriot and I’m a Greek Cypriot might be a subject for others, but for us, this is completely natural."
Ardost nods vigorously. "Two human beings being together is not a miracle."
Their union is emblematic of a gradual thaw in relations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus, home to one of Europe’s most enduring conflicts.

But while politicians slog it out at the negotiation table, Cypriots on both sides of the divide have taken matters into their own hands. People-to-people contact is now flourishing after an easing of crossings between the two sides in 2003, which followed decades of isolation.

Ardost and Larkou are among a small, but growing community of mixed-marriage Cypriot couples, transcending psychological and physical barriers. They married within two months of meeting in 2014, and are expecting their first child later this year.

For me couples like these are an emblem of hope for a better future Cyprus for all Cypriots.

I 'd just repeat my view that 20 years after a solution we will not know who is GC and who is TC here.. OK make it 30 years.

Nonsense ;) Where do you base such view? Not only our difference is obvious because of the difference in language and religion but the division between GCs and TCs is part of the constitution and will no doubt be part of any future agreement since the Turks insist on it. Even if the TCs had not gained unfair privileges and they had just their standard minority rights it would still take a minimum of a couple of centuries to be assimilated because of the religion difference.
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