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Asil Nadir justice ??

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Re: Asil Nadir justice ??

Postby Sotos » Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:38 pm

GreekIslandGirl wrote:
Lordo wrote:
GreekIslandGirl wrote:What a good role model for TCs! :P


bullshit as per usual coming out of your mouth also as per usual.

this is what money can do to anybody. it corrupts you to the core right into your soul. it takes a very brave person to withstand it. he was not brave and succumbed to temptation.

anybody who admires such a character is also full of the same.

I agree with your 'temptation' explanation:

He's an allegory of how TCs were given too much power in 1960 and how corrupt they became towards destroying Cyprus.

I agree. Unfortunately those who receive undeserving gains on the expense of others usually try to find some excuse to justify their gains. No "Nadir" will give back what he stole voluntarily or even admit any wrong doing. This is why justice is something that needs to be enforced. Without the ability to enforce justice there is no justice.
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