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Schengen in August?

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Re: Schengen in August?

Postby supporttheunderdog » Fri May 06, 2016 4:34 pm

GreekIslandGirl wrote:I write TWO lines - and you answer back with some 200 lines.

No wonder you have generated so much trash and so many erroneous assumptions with those documents.

It is the nature of the "one way hash argument*" that you are running (also known as Bullshit v Brains, and Gig, your arguments are Bullshit) where YOU have consistently made simple yet typically dishonest assertions that it is difficult and time consuming to rebut.

One such argument even in this post is your comment
GreekIslandGirl wrote: No wonder you have generated so much trash and so many erroneous assumptions with those documents.

when all the erroneous arguments are your and yours alone, based on a wholly artificial interpretation of what the words "Greece is seriously neglecting its obligations" mean, which in turn is based upon a fallacy about "shared responsibility" when the responsibility is defined as lying in this case with the member states, i.e. Greece, not FRONTEX, and where to throw back what you have claimed
The rest is your fanatical obsession that you know *best* and that only your interpretation remains
despite its absolute failure except in your deluded line of thinking to match what is meant by the plain and ordinary meaning of the words in the EU documents, "Greece is seriously neglecting its obligations".

As an aside I am wondering why we are debating this where YOU have predicted elsewhere the end of the Schengen agreement

Re: newsflash that will change your world
Postby GreekIslandGirl » Thu May 05, 2016 6:12 pm

GreekIslandGirl wrote:
If the EU member states were looking for an excuse to bring back full border controls and abolish Schengen (and some cynics might suggest a lot of talk on 'deficiencies' might be behind this), then, what better reason than give Turks visa-free travel? Give them visa free travel but then introduce stricter entry mechanisms.

Schengen's proving an unwelcome expense now that some of these member states realize they have to financially chip in to jointly share the EU External Border patrols instead of stupidly expecting one country to pick up the tab completely.

There you go:

Governments anxious to allay public fears of a wave of immigrants from Turkey itself secured a new emergency brake to apply to all countries with visa-free travel to Europe's 26-nation Schengen zone.


Turkey may get visa free travel but there won't be a Schengen any more.

Does the ends of Schengen fill you with delight if it were to Frustrate Visa Free travel of Turks to Schengen countries, such is your "fanatical obsession" with anything involving Greece - where to you all things must be good - and Turkey - where to you all things must be bad, or is that a gross over simplification of your position on those countries?

As it is the EU is looking prevent the end of Schengen: see

( I do not think the visa free deal with Turkey is a good thing... where The end of Davatoglou may mean the end of the deal - )

*A one way Hash Argument: The talking point on one side is just complex enough that it's both intelligible — even somewhat intuitive — to the layman and sounds as though it might qualify as some kind of insight. ...The rebuttal, by contrast, may require explaining a whole series of preliminary concepts before it's really possible to explain why the talking point is wrong. So the setup is "snappy, intuitively appealing argument without obvious problems" vs. "rebuttal I probably don’t have time to read, let alone analyze closely.""
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