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EASYJET to leave UK

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Re: EASYJET to leave UK

Postby Paul ZKTV » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:27 pm

B25 wrote:
Paul ZKTV wrote:EASYJET is to move it head office and planes registration from UK to SWITZERLAND to continue to be able to fly in EU
this will mean all profits and aircraft taxes will now be paid in SWITZERLAND

Firstly, is there anyone that doesn't want to fly into the UK??? I seriously doubt it, in which case, MFs like Easyjet (a waste of F space if you ask me), and anyone else should be made to pay a tariff to compensate. Job done. Bugger off and pay the tariff simples.

i have no idea what you mean by ´´is there anyone who dont want to fly into the UK ´´ - ????
Lots of people - its off the edge of europe and is not on the way to anywhere ???
Lots of airlines in the EU dont even fly from their country . in tenerife RYANAIR fly to madrid about 4 times a day ,going nowhere near ireland .
when UK leaves EU then british companies can only fly FROM THE UK to EUROPE ,not have internal flights .
I think people in th UK will wake up when they hear that BRITISH AIRWAYS moves its head office to DUBLIN ... ... referendum
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Re: EASYJET to leave UK

Postby Maximus » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:27 pm

miltiades wrote:
Paul ZKTV wrote:
miltiades wrote:Unfortunately these are the first to do so, or intend to do so. Many more will soon follow. A disastrous decision to exit the EU that will create numerous problems to all of the UK citizens.
My own prediction is that STG will soon come down further, one euro to one pound ? Very possible.

its only because its worked out in dollars.but the UK dropped to no.6 in the world for two hours and is expected
to do that next week .

Although I follow currency markets daily I make transactions in dollars a couple of times a month. Most of my transactions are in Euros as we import a great deal of goods from Italy, Germany, Holland and Greece. I have already felt the pinch, on Monday we shall look at our prices with a view of an imminent increase as a result of the exchange rate.

Its a world that revolves around money, if you are in business then your prime priority is to make money in order to meet your commitments, wages, rents, rates etc. I'm concerned that imports from the EU are already 6-7% higher than a few days ago.

Why dont you hedge your exposure?
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