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Running and Hunting.

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Running and Hunting.

Postby Schnauzer » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:04 pm

There is an old adage :- "You can't Hunt with the Hounds and Run with the Fox" and the meaning of it is quite easy to understand BUT.

There are those among us who seem to be quite capable of doing both with effortless ease, particularly when the subject of the existence or non-existence of GOD is raised.

One member expresses his disbelief and even condemnation of ALL religious teachings to such an extent that he blasphemes profusely yet is quite unaware of the predicament he places himself in by doing so since it is apparent that HE can run and hunt at the same time.
I will explain :-

On the one hand, he denies the existence of GOD yet, he fervently and adamantly defends the right of ISRAEL to occupy the territories they stole from the Palestinian, even to the extent that he condones EVERY action the Israeli undertakes and can find excuses for them, whilst the singular conviction of the Israeli is that GOD gave them the right to occupy the lands which they have stolen.

IF their claim be true, then our 'Learned Friend' (and any of like mind) must either be wrong OR able to run and hunt at the same time.

IF there is no GOD, then the Israeli occupies the territories under false pretences and should be condemned for it.

IF there is a GOD, one could ask if he sanctions the slaughter and persecution of the Palestinian and., if the Israeli can submit an answer which justifies their actions, one could immediately submit that the actions of those who worship 'Allah', are perfectly entitled to the same facilities.

We already know of the 'Running' capabilities of our 'Learned Friend', perhaps HE can explain how one is able to condemn and condone at the same time, I have cudgelled MY brains for the answer BUT, not being equipped with the moral standards of a 'Turncoat' I fear that my question will remain un-answered. "How can one Hunt with the Hounds and Run with the Fox ?"

Words to a famous song (in support of the existence of Israel) :- "This land is mine, the LORD gave it to me"......... :roll:

Maybe they are referring to Lord Balfour ? figures. :lol:
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