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jihad: a story of the others

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Re: jihad: a story of the others

Postby Schnauzer » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:53 pm

Today at the 'Old Bailey' the very well known radical cleric 'Anjem Choudary' was sentenced to a prison term in excess of five years for (Whatever).

It is a sad indictment of British Justice that such a one as HE should be committed to prison for advocating support for HIS beliefs whilst the British Government are advocating support for theirs.

For as much as 'Anjem Choudary' (and some of those who preceded him) have condemned the society in which WE of the West reside, SURELY there is some evidence of 'TRUTH' in much of that which they have drawn attention to and, 'Decadence' springs immediately to mind when one considers matters taking place 'Right Now' among some of the 'Grandees' of politics in the very government which makes the rules.

How very stupid of the 'Judiciary' to place such a man as 'Anjem Choudary' in the confines of a prison...., they have given him a 'Captive Audience' and HE is a brilliant orator, now among a throng of possibly disillusioned bitter young persons who will cling to his every word.

Talk about creating problems, the 'British Government' (courtesy of Tony Blair) apparently have not created enough problems for themselves already, they need to create more, maybe to cover up (or distract attention from) some other disastrous acts of misconduct perpetrated by those who (in power) should know better (though their 'Moral Compasses' could do with some adjustment).

Surely it would have been wiser (and far more economical) to prevent 'Anjem Choudary' and any of like mind from making the speeches etc that he (and others) have and are making, by introducing a 'Law' to prevent from so doing in the first place.

'Sharia Law' would not allow it and , since 'Salt for the Goose is salt for the Gander', perhaps the same attention to detail might be beneficial to 'British Law'.

Congratulations are in order by the way, 'Anjem Choudary' is NOW more revered than he was before his trial. (imho).

Which, for the benefit of certain 'Frothers', does not mean that I am a follower of of his, just a curious observer of incidents and developments which all may be traced back to the heady days of 9/11 and the unlawful assault on Iraq. :wink:
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