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Tracking power/telecom cables

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Re: Tracking power/telecom cables

Postby Get Real! » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:04 pm

Robin Hood wrote:GR:
As for underground power supply… it sounds like someone hasn’t paid to have power poles installed and I’d be more concerned about that first! I think the EAC charges about 150 euro’s each but I don’t know what distance you’d need to cover.

GR, I think you are a bit out of date! Many new installations are now run underground from the local substation to pits outside each pair of properties. One access pit serves two properties. The cost of a power pole is nearer €500 these days, I paid €400 for a temporary supply pole six years ago.

For an underground supply you have to provide a meter house to their specification and they install and connect to their equipment. AHK will run their cable as I previously explained. The cable from the meter cubicle to the house should be 10mm steel wire armoured cable, run in a plastic conduit on your property, it is your cable, your responsibility and AHK will not have any information on their drawings beyond their supply to the meter house, but the architect should be able to provide this information.

I've never seen mains power coming underground in Cyprus... makes me wonder... where do you people live? :? :lol:
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Re: Tracking power/telecom cables

Postby Jackjack » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:43 pm

Sorry for late reply GR!! (understatement I know) Agia Thela to answer your question. Definitely UG and I am only 15m away from the sub station.
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