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Couch Cushion Foam Replacement (Limassol)

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Couch Cushion Foam Replacement (Limassol)

Postby dodo » Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:19 pm


Got a corner couch less than a year ago and it has this very uncomfortable foam inside, hard to describe but basically instead of "bouncing" back the foam retains shape so its like sitting crooked all the time.

Since its the zipped type should be very easy to swap the inside for some other type of foam, but no idea where/if there's any place that sells this. I've seen one single place near the Old Hospital area, Navarinou road I believe, went there to check but their foam was poor quality, looked and felt like a cheap sponge not to mention the place smelled horrid so no way I'm bringing something inside the house frkm there.

Do you know of any DIY stores that sell this stuff? Called SuperHome but they said they dont sell it.
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