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For Robin Hood

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For Robin Hood

Postby B25 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:41 pm


came across this. Maybe a way to explain the money concept you have been trying to get over.

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Re: For Robin Hood

Postby Robin Hood » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:27 pm


Yup that’s the way it works .... well, up to the time this video was made ..... and that was many years ago. The digital age and several other factors has made it even more bizarre today ......... it is now the high street banks that create the money .... digitally, as an account entry on a computer. They no longer need your money only to keep as their reserves.

Today the concept of 'Fractional Reserve Banking' ..... is an old fashioned model. Currently the money is created directly as debt ..... the banks no longer lend money, they create new money every time they create a ‘loan’ simply as a debt. No ‘money’ ever changes hands! Proof? Try looking up Dr. Richard Werner, Dept. Head at Southampton University ...... he did an empirical test that proved it.

The following is the video that made me think some 13-14 years ago. I found it hard to believe .... but it seemed logical but there had to be something to prevent this FRAUD. So I read more about it ...... there isn’t ........ it turns out to all be true.

This is a series of about six videos that explains the system graphically and expands the understanding in a fairly straight forward presentation, but it is on the same lines just updated. (This is no. 4 in the series)

The problem is getting people to accept that banks really do create money out of nothing ..... they prefer a conception deliberately designed to misinform.

Even kids of 12 yrs. understand it!

Once you understand how it works the solution is easy to see. Even today, with all the Trump hysteria ..... you hear the argument “Where is he going to get the money from for all these tax cuts and all these infrastructure projects. He will have to borrow trillions and will place an incredible debt on the US Government”.

Why ? Think about it. Just stop the Banks creating money out of thin air, so they can lend it and transfer that privilege to the Government. Result ..... no debt! :roll: :wink:
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