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The Strength of IS.

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Re: The Strength of IS.

Postby Robin Hood » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:36 am

No there will be no sanctions against Israel. None at all. So many countries just won't do that.

Why does that attitude not surprise me in the least ? So why impose them on any other country? I think you will find that most sanctions that are imposed are not UN but US sanctions .... which of course are illegal ........ and in fact acts of war!

If sanctions were to be applied to countries in violation of any UN directive, then 130 out of 200 countries will have sanctions.

Most of them Western (US Aligned) countries.

Australia is another county which by all rights, and under international law, will have sanctions against it.

The way you have treated the indigenous people and the way you treat refugees ..... yes, I agree with you. What will Australia do when Trump imposes sanctions on China, demands you do not supply them with the raw materials they need and insist you charge heavy tariffs on their goods? That is what the US did to the EU, when they applied US sanctions on Russia! Who suffered? Well not the US for sure and Russia just went elsewhere, so it hurt the EU far more than it hurt Russia.

The UN has no authority or credibility. No one cares because it is toothless and it is incapable of dealing with war crimes in Syria.

Russia will deal with the war crimes in Syria, they do not need the US/NATO powers to help them find the criminals!
YOUR illegal actions are well documented! It is the victor that punishes the criminals ..... YOU will have little say in the process!

The war criminals are those that illegally bombed Syria and supplied known terrorists with weapons to overthrow an elected government and it’s elected President. Don’t forget that every war crime YOUR terrorists committed and makes YOU just as guilty as the head choppers, because YOU were the ones that armed them and supported them. YOU were accessories to their war crimes before and after the fact!

The UN is toothless because once the USSR collapsed there was nothing to stop the US from running it in their favour or just ignoring it completely. If a body like the UN formulates International Law on a democratic vote, then it can only work if ALL countries comply with those Laws. That has clearly never happened, as this latest waste of time on the condemnation of Israeli demonstrates. As you say, there will be no consequences for Israel for not complying. So you are absolutely correct ...... the UN has no authority.

Whether sanctions are applied against Israel or not, the USA and Australia will still trade with them. Therefore, it is up to the Palestinians and Israelis to butt out a solution acceptable to both parties. But it won't be easy. Israel will not agree to anything unless it guarantees their security 110%

Read previous comment ...... would YOU accept that sort of response if it were Russia, China or Iran that refused to comply with an UN Directive that was supported by the US ? The US will decide whether any sanctions are imposed upon Israel not the UN .... so that means there will be none.

Just like Cyprus ..... I doubt the Israeli’s and the Palestinians will ever come to a comprehensive settlement.
BTW: When was the last time Israel’s security was ever threatened? By whom and when? :roll:

Fact of the matter is this. Sanctions against Israel are irrelevant when most countries will never enforce it.

Exactly, given the example set by the US and its allies ........ why should any country ever bother to comply with UN sanctions?

There are dozens of countries that should have sanctions more than Israel.

I somehow doubt that is true ...... the list of Resolutions that have been applied to Israel for breaches of International Law, exceed those of all other Nations combined! But then there are those that would say that all this shows is that the rest of the World picks on Israel and is carrying out a vendetta. :roll:

And another inconvenient fact for all plebs. None of Israel's allies support the settlements.

But .... you will all ignore their breaches of International Law and conventions! And then you accuse Russia and Assad of war crimes! How many resolutions are there against those two countries?

New Zealand was a sponsor of the UN Resolution. This resolution was supported by Australia, EU and the rest of the world. Even the USA abstained which basically is telling Israel "hey, what you are doing is illegal and we won't support that".

But YOU won’t do anything about it! BTW: It was supported by 14 of the 15 countries on the UNSC, the US abstained which allowed a majority decision to carry the motion. The resolution was proposed by the UNGA not the UNSC.

But they won't enforce sanctions. If there were going to be sanctions, then the Resolution would be vetoed.

Exactly ...... the US runs the UN for its own interests, which is why the UN is toothless. It is simply a tool of the US to impose its selective demands on other Nations. :x
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Re: The Strength of IS.

Postby Cp279 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:29 pm

Well...well. I am rather concerned and preoccupied and worried not because of the strength of IS , but because of the shit-stirring countries in the region starting with master asshole : the U.S of A.

The whole Middle East until now was ruled by dictators or Baas-like parties who ruthlessly ruled the people...

Not to our liking yes.... but at least these countries were stable in some way. If they don't have democracy a la West, that is their problem...

Then.. suddenly the USA, its bastard UK and others intervened to look for weapons of mass destruction ( nowhere to be found :lol: ) , to bring democracy and freedom (!)preaching human rights bla bla..

Now ..not only all the regimes in the region have been destabilized to the root and islamic terrorism has been running amok, but whole Europe is under threat...

Let alone USA or Russia, any power at the level of UK, France could have easily taken care of IS even at the expense of anhiliating Raqqa even Mosul...A power destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki 71 years ago, could have wiped them out with "big ones" 100 times more destructive...

They did not do this on purpose because IS served them in many ways...

( to be continued)...
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