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Death of a 'Scapegoat'

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Re: Death of a 'Scapegoat'

Postby Schnauzer » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:18 pm

Londonrake wrote:It is an unquestionable fact. The more they investigate this incident, the more evidence seems to turn up. That can't be right, surely?

I do think that shooting some poor copper in the shoulder to make what was clearly a professional hit on the innocent Tunisian victim look more credible was taking it a bit too far though.

Is there a CIA, Mossad (or both!) connection? In a joint exercise no less with the German, French and Italian police/intelligence (is that an oxymoron?) agencies? It has all the hallmarks of one of their false flag extravagandas.

See......... I speaka de CT lingo. :wink: :lol:

Time and patience, patience and time, meanwhile, I am off for a while and will be out of touch.

"Happy New Year" to one and all.
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Re: Death of a 'Scapegoat'

Postby GreekIslandGirl » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:18 am

Happy 2017. :D
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Re: Death of a 'Scapegoat'

Postby Paphitis » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:31 am

Schnauzer wrote:
Paphitis wrote:
Schnauzer wrote::lol: :lol: Well I'll be dogged !, it would appear that young 'Anis Amri' also left his mobile phone in the truck along with other incriminating evidence which was his undoing (according to the latest news).

Rather strange that he should have done that since (apparently) he had several 'Sim Cards' in the back pack he was carrying when he was gunned down. :roll:

NOW, with the help of those 'Sim Cards', the authorities will be able to trace the route he took to return to Italy................ that is , if he ever left in the first place.

Not the sort of chap you would wish to take with you (or send) 'On a Mission'. far too careless. :lol: :lol:

Well then, no matter which way you look at it, it's an open and shut case!

Even if the CT is true and he wasn't responsible, they planted the evidence of someone else they wanted "gone" whilst they keep the other guy under their surveillance.

Heartwarming to know that our Law Enforcement and Security Agencies are on the ball.

I will give you an example. 7 DAESH inspired terrorists were arrested in Australia on Christmas Eve. They were planning suicide bombings all over Melbourne at key landmarks where people will congregate to celebrate Christmas.

The Police said that the individuals were under surveillance for months and they had more than enough to make arrests a long time ago but on Christmas Eve they had to move because they were about to conduct the mission they had been planning for several months the very next day.

It's another example of how effective our Law Engorcement really is. Job well done!

Now I'm not being cocky or anything. It's only a matter of time before such an attempt is successful in Australia too. Only a matter of time. But our Government is doing a good job in terms of National Security without a doubt. Bravo! Hopefully they continue to thwart such criminal deeds. But I fear that something will eventually get through the cracks and they won't be this successful all the time.

I would not contradict your opinion of the efficiency of the 'Law Enforcement Agencies' or other services that are either in pursuit or keeping close tabs on those likely to kill or injure innocent civilians, I am sure they do their best and deserve to be commended for their efforts (and successes) BUT, in this particular case, one is forced to question the validity of the 'Official Report' since there are so many extraordinarily unusual events which led up to the discovery, apprehension and killing of young 'Anis Amri'.

IF he was a 24 year old with the mental agility of a 5 year old, it would be easier to accept the evidence of his involvement in the horrific act since there are so many hardly believable 'Clues' left one would hardly expect a 'Professional Criminal' (as we are informed) to operate a 'Hit' quite so carelessly.

Then there is the D.N.A evidence, IF the authorities have it, there is no need for anything else...'Job Done', so why all the follow ups ?, it could be seen as a route of investigation which will continue to produce more and more information for general release, as and when the public need to be convinced that the culprit is dead and gone.

Sorry, it all looks too 'Pat' for my liking and, in any case, it doesn't really matter WHO committed the 'Crime' the REAL issue is 'WHY' ?, and we should ALL by now have the answer to THAT question. (imho).

You can question the report all you like. This is your right and privilege since you live in a country that permits this.

However, let's be very clear about a few things. The authorities will stick to their story. They will present the evidence they have.

If there are any underlying issues and discrepancies then its not for the public know. If you are accurate, there are reasons why that is the case. Security Agencies build their success against radicalized individuals by infiltrating their networks, surveillance and deciphering all information received from other sources including foreign Security Agencies which share information around the world.
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