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Cypriot passport ranks 13th on global power scale

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Re: Cypriot passport ranks 13th on global power scale

Postby kurupetos » Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:39 pm

Paphitis wrote:
CBBB wrote:
Paphitis wrote:Cypriot passport might work better among some Jihadists! :lol:

It would have done in Mumbai a few years ago when a Cypriot was killed because he was travelling on a British passport and not a Cypriot one.

I would probably agree with you on that.

A US or British passport wouldn't be the one to have on your person in such circumstances. It would be better to have a Cypriot passport, or a Malta passport or something like that. Still no guarantees though.

You could buy a Somali passport for $1.99, but you may have to explain to the authorities the reason you are not a negro. :mrgreen:
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